On the Search for New Baby Stuff…

I have been scouring the web for new bedding for Lily’s room. The new baby is getting Lily’s crib and Lily is going to get a “Big Girl Bed.” So I wanted to post all the great websites that I have found for bedding, furniture, design and etc. Hope you find this stuff useful…

The bedding I am getting is by Whistle and Wink…So cute…Called Birds of Paradise. You can find it and other cute stuff at http://www.DimplesandDandandelions.com

The bedding I am getting for the new baby (not yet named yet) is by House Inc. called Marche Rose. This is like nothing I have bought before so I am excited to try and new style in a new room. Might even paint the walls a classic pink…

Great websites I have found for bedding and furniture are…

Love this one for wall art

Fun Blogs

This is a fun one to buy and sell stuff on…


One thought on “On the Search for New Baby Stuff…

  1. Lisa says:

    i posted on facebook! thanks for the beautiful clothes on your sweet website!

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