A girlfriend of mine turned me on to these and I think they are so great. You can get them at http://www.BabyBeMineMaternity.com
They are really cute for the hospital or for when you come home with your new baby.

PERFECT for a Shower Gift too!

From Baby Be Mine Maternity
Why a Gownie?
What bigger occasion than the birth of your child, you have prepared for 9 Months!! Bags are packed, everything is new – you reach the hospital ward – the how many times passed down tatty old gown is gently placed in your arms – sound familiar? If not, it soon will.

Our freshly delivered Gownies are made from 100% Cotton with a soft satin trim for a comfortable feel. Machine Washable.


One thought on “Gownies

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just delivered my daughter wearing one of these, it was so nice to have it! It felt great to have my own delivery gown, they are not a bad price and I can even wear it at home now my daughter and I are settling in! It was a great buy for me.

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