Twitter Moms

Had to add this because it cracks me up. Since I have a new infant in the house I have been calling her “My Burrito” because she is so snugly and sweet. Twitter Moms emailed this newsletter today…

Jul 19, 2009 02:49 pm | Megan Calhoun

OK moms, this has to be one of the funniest contests we have done yet! All you have to do is share your 5 funniest “Momfinitions” and get cash! Click here for details. Check out these hilarious “Momfinitions” from our very own TwitterMoms…

Baby Burrito {bay-be bur-reet-oh}(n.) The fine art of excellent swaddling. It would not be considered a true baby burrito if the child can free themselves on their own free will. Made easier in recent years by the addition of Velcro to the swaddle blankets. — Lisa Hustad

I love my Burrito. She is snuggled up with me right now!


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