Oh Santa..Where are you…

It’s that time where you are trying to find that perfect gift.  Man, sometimes it is so hard.  I think women are easy.   I tell my husband you can never go wrong with a good handbag (a.k.a Chanel) or a piece of jewelery ;} wink wink {;  I have a hard time finding that perfect something though for the men in my life.  Something that is unique yet that they will get good use out of.  So I go to the ole’ tried and true gift guides that pop up this time of year.

Here are some of my favorites…

My sister’s and my all time favorite magazine was Domino.  Sadly it went out of business this past spring but and new version has come out called LonNy Mag.  You can view it at www.Lonnymag.com
They have a great gift guide OR buy the magazine and give it as a gift…love those kind..they last all year.

I found this awesome website through LonNy that is very 20’s, Flapper, East Village inspired called  www.patchnyc.com.  Perfect if you are looking for a unique, luxurious present.  THEIR WEBSITE IS WAY TOO COOL!

Oprah always has the gift department covered.  Check out her great list.  She has  food, stocking stuffers, art work, clothes and more.  I love this photo by www.allpopart.com that has been Andy Warhol-ized.  It would be cute for a favorite pet!   You can also do something similar on canvas through your local Costco.


Cool Mom Picks has some good stuff. I love how they list it everything $, $$ or $$$. They also have some coolly worded titles like “For Your Twilight-Infatuated Niece” or “For Your Sister and Best Friend who’s a Million Miles Away” (like mine, sniff sniff )

Hope these help. 
Oh P.S. Neiman’s is offering free Rush shipping and gift wrap with code HURRY.  You can never go wrong there!

xoxo, Lily’s Laundry

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