The Holidays. Part Tres. 5 Degrees and Counting.

Chi-Town!  W. and I went to Chicago for New Years and my Bday.  We had a blast.  My sister and her husband  were the best hosts.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives…plus they are both really funny.  Another one of our favorite couples Megan and Aaron came with us too. I think the highest the temp reached was about 18 degrees.  Today we were out and it was 5 **FREAKING** degrees…I almost died.  My sister and I live in totally opposite places.  Our summers can reach 120 degrees plus and her winters can be in the single digits!  Northface and Ugg rock.  I don’t know how people up here could live without them….

We did all the touristy things Michigan Ave, The Bean, Oprah’s Studio, original Marshall Fields…  We rode the bus and train everywhere. 

 We dined at couple of places off the beaten path that we loved.  The first is called Hot Chocolate {isn’t that the coolest name?} It’s located in Wicker Park. They had the BEST coffee I have ever tasted.  My hubby went with the “Medium” hot chocolate and it was a hit too!  Breakfast was divine…The restaurant’s decor reminded me of Napa, very modern Americano…if you are ever in Chicago and looking for a great breakfast spot go there!!!

“As God is my witness I’ll never be hungry again. Scarlett a man hath no better thing than to eat, drink and be merry….” This the quote that is painted on my other favorite place we went called Home Bistro Chicago (located in Lakeview.)  This place is BYOB, so we brought our own vino and vodka.  My sister says a lot of the restaurants in Chicago are like this, because the liquor licenses are so expensive.  We sat in the window and watched the snow fall.  It was a perfect end to our trip.  It is very small and quaint and we were very loud and full of ourselves…they didn’t seem to mind 😉 They even let my sister and hubby back into the kitchen. 

Hope everyone has a blessed and prosperous 2010!

xoxo, Lily’s Laundry


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