Cleaning Claire’s Closet

Do you want to make some extra money while cleaning out your child’s closet?  Well then contact LLB.  We are selling high end, unique pre-used children clothing.  Here are all the details….

If you would like to sell your items on LLB you will be required to sign this contract.

We will take up to 10 pieces of designer/unique kids clothing/accessories that is in mint condition at a time. Clothing cannot have any stains or rips cannot be overly worn or damaged. We prefer brand names or custom pieces. You must email us photos before hand to get items cleared.

Items cleared will be posted to website within 14 days of receiving them.

Items that are not sold within 30 days will be marked down 20%, after 60 days they will be marked down 50% and after 90 days, they will be either donated to charity or shipped back to you at your expense.

You will be paid 45% of asking price and are responsible for shipping to and from us. Price of items can be suggested but will be determined by LLB.

You will be paid either via Pay Pal or given a store credit to LLB (which ever you prefer) within 30 days of your items selling.

If you have photos that will show up well on the internet I will gladly use them. If not I will shoot the photos.

All items are subject to LLB’s approval and can be removed at anytime if need be.

Sincerely, Laura Neil
President, Lily’s Laundry

Email us if you are interested at to get started TODAY!!!

xoxo, Lily’s Laundry


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