I’mmm Baack….

Holy Moly!!!  I have been M.I.A.  We have been so busy around here I have hardly had time to think.  We have been out of town, Lily had spring break, my parents were here for 10 days, I threw our annual Easter Egg Hunt for 80 plus people, had a sit down dinner party for 10 couples and have been managing the two babes and my sweet man on top of it all.

So I have A LOT to get caught up on around here at LLB.   Misha Lulu Spring 2010 arrived while all this was going on and I haven’t even had a chance to add it to the website..but I’m back…well at least for a couple of days bc we have a wedding this weekend 😉

So here’s a glimps of the last couple of weeks…Sometimes a photo says 1000’s words right !?!?!
Will be adding more details tomorrow…Lily goes back to school… YEAH!

Lily’s Laundry


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