Vote for 2GiggleBoxes in Full Bloom

This shirt is so stinking cute. I think I am going to have Sarah over at 2GiggleBoxes make me one…but in the mean time please go to and vote for her. She is a dear friend and sorority sister of mine (PI Love, that’s what us ADPi’s say 😉 and I wanted to give her a little shot out to get her some votes!  She is in Full Bloom!

 P.S. Contest is only up for 24 Hours


One thought on “Vote for 2GiggleBoxes in Full Bloom

  1. Jessica Rae says:

    Lily, just discovered your blog and think it's so cute! And it seems like FATE: 1. My middle name is Rae2. I was an Alpha Delta Pi! <>3. And…I dunno, I'm also a fellow blogger! (ShesSmart, SofaChip, SmallScreenScoop, RingOBlog) Obvs I love style and pretty things! Keep blogging and being awesome! I'll follow you on twitter from @ThisJessicaRae and @ShesSmart

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