The Ultimate Consumer…

I can’t help it. Its who I am. I love trying new things. I am an ultimate consumer.  When I find things that I love I like to share them with everyone…

I was home the other day giving the Baby Girl a bottle and this infomercial came on for WEN. It caught my attention because I love the show Flipping Out and Jeff remodeled Chaz Dean’s (the stylist who invented the product) salon…. any who I have long, very processed, I mean naturally blond hair and it needs all the moisture it can get so before I could say the word “bleach” I had been suckered into purchasing this product monthly (but I can cancel whenever wink* wink*)

 I got it and it is awesome.  Makes my hair feel so super soft.  The leave-in conditioner it comes with is even better.  I slept with it in one night and in the morning after I washed it is was so silky. So I thought I would share.

Another hair product  that everyone is talking about from my sis to all my good girlfriends is this Moroccan Oil.  So I just HAD to have it and it lives up to all the hype.  I even use it in Lily’s hair and I can tell a total difference.  Her hair stays smooth all day long.  Love it.  It is a must have for summer.


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