Sweet Treats!

We were invited over to a dinner/playdate at friend’s house the other night.  They have two girls that are close to L and C’s  ages so it is was a lot of fun.   As a little “thanks for having us to play” Lily and I made “treat jars” for their two little girls.

These are super easy to make and are adorable.  I found these  great labels download-able over at www.eighteen25.blogspot.com (my new favorite blog).  I tweaked the labels in photoshop to personalize them for each girl and then printed them out on sticker paper that I use for my shipping labels.

I used mason jars (which you can buy at your local grocer or  restaurant supply) filled them with candy.  Lollipops for the baby and Good n Plentys for the older little girl.  I tied  grosgrain ribbon around the jars and made “Love” labels that I hole punched and slipped through the ribbon.  Bingo!  All done and a great little love gift.  Lily loved helping me and giving it to her sweet friend.

Now I am working on slanted treat jars for her teachers for the end of the year.  Will post them as soon as I am done 🙂


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