What I am loving today..

CS’s nap time and my magic bullet blender.
Man is it hot here! http://www.Weather.com says
Sunny 110 degrees
Details: Dangerous heat index. Outdoor exposure should be limited.
So the baby is taking a nap and I made a smoothie with my favorite blender.
It is so easy to use, super easy to clean and makes the best smoothies. They have them at Costco for like $49.   Best blender I have found  for sauces, baby foods, soups whatever. I sometimes puree mild flavored veggies with this to sneak into Lily’s food (she’s my picky eater šŸ˜‰
Two of my favorite types of smoothies.
1/2 a Banana
Soy Milk (Organic/No sugar added) or you could use water….
Peanut Butter/Chocolate
1/2 Banana
Soy Milk or Water
Blend it up.  Takes 30 seconds.  Great for snack, breakfast or before/after a workout.
I am sensitive to dairy so try and do everything dairy free but you can use whatever protein you would like.  I also limit my sugar so I look for products that have very small amounts of sugars.
Have a great weekend!


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