A bee in my bonnet.

I get a bee in my bonnet if the house is not organized.  I can’t help it.  It messes with my mind.  I am a very visual person so if a space is not perfect it will bug me till it’s fixed.  We have a “multi-purposed/ girl’s playroom”  that just always seems to be messy so last week I was determined to get it cleaned up and organized. I gave a way a ton of toys that they no longer play with and rearranged the ones they do.  I also wanted to make the space a little more playful and colorful for them.


Here’s are the simple little things I did.

I really thought about the space and how it could be used better so I moved the furniture around to open the room.  Lily loves that she can now sit and use the table. 

I made these galvanized tins for her to put stickers, markers and other craft stuff in.  These are easy to make.  You can find the tins at any craft store (sometimes you can find them at $1 Spot at Target.) I also picked up big stickers the ones used for selling your home or car and used them to label the tins. Then I glued little rhinestones on them for color.

I thought you could even drill these into the wall if you wanted.

I added these playful colored dots to their bookshelf.  They are removable. It gives the room  little splash of color.



I also made them some personalized artwork. 

All you need is a canvas, the lettering (decals) that you would like and mod podge. 

Good ole’ Mod Podge.  Use to get crazy with this stuff while in art school šŸ˜‰

I got the  decals from Target but you can get them from anywhere: Michaels, Homegoods, Etsy.

I spaced the letters where I wanted them and then mod podged them underneath and then on top!  Making sure to do the whole canvas so it looks smooth.  Did a “Lily and Claire’s Room of Play” and “Create * Imagine” for Lily’s desk.

Last thing  I bought each of them a personalized bean bag chairs from Pottery Barn Kids. 
 They love them Lily will chill in this bean bag every morning watching tv with her blanket and gives me and the hubby an extra 30 minutes of sleep!  Priceless!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Dont’ forget about blog hop.  Goes till Tuesday night;)


4 thoughts on “A bee in my bonnet.

  1. What a fun play room! Thanks for the follow!

  2. I love seeing Before and After pictures. ^_^ I just reorganized our home last Friday and it looks like a mess again this morning! I guess the hard part is maintaining the order! =p (and I have started putting Christmas decors already!)

  3. Chana says:

    What a beautiful blog full of inspiration! Love your room makeover:) So glad you found me at Mammatown, thrilled to be your newest follower!

  4. Hey! I'm new on the Blog Hop! Just wanted to let you know that I'm following you now! Check out mine? http://www.helloglamour21.blogspot.comThanks! XOXO -Kia

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