"Dang Girl" your on Facebook all the time ;)

I get this question all of the time. No,  really I am not. LOL.  It is an illusion.  My blog www.LilysLaundryBlog.com feeds directly into Facebook via Networked Blogs to drive more traffic back to my blog.  Lots of Blogs even have their own Facebook pages.  Ours is located here. It is an easy way to keep up on your favorite blog.

What is a BLOG?
It’s pretty much a website that is a virtual journal.  People blog about just about anything these days crafts projects, home decor, their kids, traveling, their likes or dislikes.  People have give-a-ways, free ideas and downloads on their blogs. 

How do I Follow a Blog?
There are a lot of different ways.

1. You can follow through RSS feed.  This is not my favorite because I follow so many blogs I sometimes forget to go and look at my “Reader.”

2. You can follow through Google Friend Connect.  You need to have a Yahoo, Google or Twitter account.  If you don’t have one it’s no big deal.  All you need is an email address to open one up.

3.  My favorite is following through FeedBurner.  All you do is enter your email into FeedBurner.  They will send you an email to confirm that you subscribed and the blog of your liking goes directly into your inbox. AWESOME AND EASY!  This way you always know where that great blog you found is…

Enter your email address:

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What is Commenting?
Blogs LOVE comments.  Comments boost blogs egos. After each post in small print there is usually a “comment” link.  If you like a blog post or a blog in general,  leave a comment letting the blogger know that you were there.  They really appreciate it.

If you are a blogger…I think  people should turn OFF your word verification…I have never been spammed and I have had this blog for 3 years.  If I am trying to write a quick comment on a post I think it is so annoying to have to take that extra 30 seconds to figure out those weird words…and sometimes if I can’t get it I just forget it and move on.

Do you have any great blog tips?  Post them in our comments…We would love to see what you think!

PS Please don’t forget to vote for Claire Suzanne’s Buddha Belly. You vote by “liking” her tummy 😉

If you vote leave us a comment saying you did and you could win a $15 Gift Card to Lily’s Laundry Boutique 😉



2 thoughts on “"Dang Girl" your on Facebook all the time ;)

  1. Amen to the word verification! Especially the kind that pops up at the bottom after you write the comment- so you have to know to scroll back down to complete it. I tend to comment on those blogs less and less bc it's such a hassle.

  2. This is such a great and helpful post!

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