Lily’s Laundry made Tip Junkie!

I can’t believe it!  Our kids table (#17) and free printables made Tip Junkie! Here’s the picture and the link.

Tip Junkie says…Kids Table

17.  Kids Thanksgiving Table Setting – I just adore all of these FREE Thanksgiving printable crafts made for the kids table.
18.  Turkey Sucker Holders – Cut the turkeys and then added the suckers to them. I took an exacto knife and cut a small slit to push the suckers through.
19.  Coloring Turkey Table – Cover the children’s dining surface with paper and set out pots of crayons for tic-tac-toe.
20.  Last Minute Kids’ Thanksgiving Placemat Tutorial – I used felt to make it a quick last-minute project to decorate my kids’ Thanksgiving table. This project can be done on the machine or by hand. I stitched it up by hand.

Here they are again if you want to download for your Kids Thanksgiving  Table….

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One thought on “Lily’s Laundry made Tip Junkie!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations on being featured! I love these ideas. Thanks for stopping by my blog on Hop Along Friday. I'm following back!

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