Day 8. Personalized Gift Guide…

I LOVE personalized gifts (getting and giving.)
I found a few neat things in my search for the perfect gifts this year and wanted to share.

Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Bags
Did you know that you can now get your LV bags personalized?  It is so cool.  I couldn’t get an exact pic but you can click here and design your own.  
It won’t be here for Christmas but is well worth the wait!

How about some great cuff links from Eternally Linked. 

“Eternally Linked has recently created a line of unconventional customized initial cuff links. Instead of the usual typical monogram sets, they offer a more modern take on the classic accessory.  You have the  option of color (with over 25 colors to choose from) and initial placement.’
P.S. Throw in a necklace that matches for you. Cuff links start at $42.

How about Monogrammed Steak Brand and Cutting Board from Williams Sonoma. Starts at $69.95

  • Set includes a customized brand and a personalized John McLeod carving board.
  • Hand-forged iron brand is an authentic miniature version of the cattle brands used for centuries to identify livestock and designate ranch families.
  • Made of sustainably harvested New England birch, the board has a well to catch meat juices.
  • Includes a wall-mounting storage rack for the brand.
  • Choose single, double or triple initials.  All letters will be of equal height and weight.
  • A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.

A barrel top lazy Susan from The Wine Crafters!
 A monogrammed lazy Susan. With a traditional interlocking monogram.  This lazy Susan is Eco-sustainable and crafted by hand. They use only Triangle Mfg® bearings, made in USA, and only Grabber® professional wood screws, also made in USA. This would make a great gift for wine lovers…or anyone who enjoys entertaining.  P.S. THEY HAVE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Happy Shopping.  Merry Christmas!

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