Valentine’s Day Cake Pops

Valentine’s Day Bear Cake Pops
This came to my inbox last week and before I opened it I thought “Yeah, so cute! I will have to make these for Lily’s class for Valentine’s Day.” I was thinking (before I saw the pics) they would be like cute little balls with icing and red and pink sprinkles. Wrong… They are even better then that.  Look at these darling little Bear Cake Pops from my favorite
I don’t think I will attempt this on my first “cake pop” experiment but I am determined one day to make a simple cake pop (i.e. a ball with icing and sprinkles *wink*wink*).  Thought you would enjoy a little “eye cake” this morning.   Click here to see how she does it 😉  Happy Cake Popping!

P.S. On a side note… I have had a couple people requests our Valentine’s Day Printables but they have NOT left an email address…If you don’t leave your email address I have no way of sending them to you ;( 

Photos by Bakerella!


One thought on “Valentine’s Day Cake Pops

  1. Crystal says:

    wow, these are adorable! I'm thinking a cute classroom treat!

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