What are Printables?

I get  this all of the time so I thought I would give a little explanation/tutorial.
Printables are basically a great inexpensive way to dress up any event you are throwing.  You pick a theme and either you have someone design a printable party package (like Lily’s Laundry)
or you buy a set of printables that match your “theme.”
You then print them out and assemble yourself.
For our Easter Egg Hunt I created a cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, party cones, and party circles all in the same colors to bring unity to the parties decor.
What you need…
Glue (Rubber Cement)
Glue Gun
Glitter/Stickers/Crystal Embellishments
Card Stock Paper to Print your Printables on
Colored Cardstock to accent Cupcake Toppers and Party Circles
Craft Punches or Scissors
Cookie Sticks/Paper Straws
Hole Punch
All this stuff you can find at Target, Joann’s Fabrics, Michaels or your local scrapbooking store.
Start by printing your “Printables” to cardstock paper on your home computer and
cut them out with your Craft Punches.
Embellish them with your crystals, stickers, glitter.  However you think looks best.
Printables on cardstock.
Hot Glue Gun. Paper Straws.
Don’t forget your embellishments!
Craft Punchs come in all sorts of sizes and shapes.  
You can cut out by hand but it will be much more time
consuming and the craftsmanship will not be the same.
Books of colored cardstock to back your printables.

For the party circles I use rubber cement to back the printable with colored card stock. I hole punch them & slip through ribbon. Now you can tie them on anything…Mason Jars, Vases, Apothecary Jars, Gift Bags and more!

For cupcake toppers you can use cookie sticks or paper straws.  Glue both sides of the straw and attach your printable to one side. To the other side add  your “decorative” card stock.  Then tie a bow around the paper straw for a little something extra.  

Tie on your party circle, insert your cones and add your cupcake toppers into your cupcake stand!  Bingo!  Beautiful Party!

One thought on “What are Printables?

  1. Ashley G says:

    love this post!! right up my alley 🙂 miss you!

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