Crazies for Missoni

I called my Mom this morning and the first thing I said was “What do you hear?”  She said “Quite.”  Yup, we are getting back into a routine.  Lily started Kindergarten  (time flies) and CS started PS two days a week.  What are the “Little Buddy and I gonna do with all our free time?

Get back to blogging, organize my home and life, cook more, plan my BFF’s bach party, see my friends more…It will be nice.

So I went to Target for the crazy, website crashing Missoni debut…Umm….seemed like all the crazies were out (I guess I was one of them).  I have never seen anything like it.  I saw this one couple, with I am not kidding you, 5 shopping carts of stuff and then I saw them packing their car full and the only room they had left were the driver and passengers seats.  I almost asked if I could take their pic but I got a little shy.

The even funnier thing was I was there early the next day (bc I had buyers remorse and took some of my purchases back) and they were there again…sprinting into the store!

Well by that time, they were sprinting for nothing bc it was all gone. 

By the time I got there at 10 am the first day it was all gone.  All I wanted was a pillow.  No such luck.  Next time!

Good for Target.  Good for Ebay.  Good for the US Ecomony 😉


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