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Most Fabulous Wedding Dress Ever

I saw this dress a while back in Vogue and I just wanted to touch it. I had heard about Dylan Lauren a couple years ago for her candy stores, Dylan’s Candy Bar,  so when in heard she was getting married and that her Dad (Ralph) was designing her wedding dress I was intrigued. 
Let me say he did not disappoint.
What do you think?


Fall 2011 Must Haves 3: A Shoe That Glitters

Yeah…I can’t help it… I am a shoe girl at heart. What’s better than a shoe!?!?  A glittery, shiny, look at my fabulous feet shoe! There are some great ones out this fall.  Here are a couple of my favorite…
I know 3 Louboutins but Dang!!! 
They are so pretty how can a girl resist 😉  
Happy Fall Shoe Shopping! xoxo

Cocktail Rings

I am a lover of color and I am a lover of jewels so
I love cocktail rings.
I think they add a pop to any outfit you wear.
Heres a few I have found lately that caught my eye!
They say emerald is hot for the fall 😉

Cocktail Rings

Crazies for Missoni

I called my Mom this morning and the first thing I said was “What do you hear?”  She said “Quite.”  Yup, we are getting back into a routine.  Lily started Kindergarten  (time flies) and CS started PS two days a week.  What are the “Little Buddy and I gonna do with all our free time?

Get back to blogging, organize my home and life, cook more, plan my BFF’s bach party, see my friends more…It will be nice.

So I went to Target for the crazy, website crashing Missoni debut…Umm….seemed like all the crazies were out (I guess I was one of them).  I have never seen anything like it.  I saw this one couple, with I am not kidding you, 5 shopping carts of stuff and then I saw them packing their car full and the only room they had left were the driver and passengers seats.  I almost asked if I could take their pic but I got a little shy.

The even funnier thing was I was there early the next day (bc I had buyers remorse and took some of my purchases back) and they were there again…sprinting into the store!

Well by that time, they were sprinting for nothing bc it was all gone. 

By the time I got there at 10 am the first day it was all gone.  All I wanted was a pillow.  No such luck.  Next time!

Good for Target.  Good for Ebay.  Good for the US Ecomony 😉

Crazy for Neon

I was on the hunt for the perfect neon tank top to add a pop of color under a conservation black and white top I have and while I was scouring the Internet for fabulous neon products I found this pic of Gwen Steffani and got a little side tracked.

I have actually seen GS in person.

I saw her in my pediatricians office. Yup, crazy right!  I was waiting for my little one to get shots and I looked up and she walked in the door with her son.  I almost fell out of the chair. I tried to be cool and not stare but it was hard.  She is extremely pretty, dressed super hip and had her signature red lipstick on 😉  I think this pic gives her justice.

Any who back to neon…I am still on the quest for the perfect neon tank but I did find some other cools things.  See my Polyvore Set below 😉

Loving Neon!

Party dress
$165 –

Hunter boots
$125 –

Wet Seal neon bracelet
$3.50 –

Monsoon Neon Twisted Snood
£18 –

Missoni for Target September 13th

11 Days and counting.

WOW! When I saw this I was so excited!  I love Missoni!  I have a couple of their pieces in my wardrobe and they are so beautiful. Missoni’s unique designs always stand apart from other designers. And I love that they are a family run company.

Well guess what? You can now have Missoni in your life too…all from the fabulous Target. 

Here’s a little peak.  Target releases it September 13th.  I have my calendar marked because it will sell out fast and it’s only in store until for a couple of weeks. 

Rachel Zoe 7 Days 7 Looks at

I love Rachel Zoe’s sense of style. She is a little over the top in the personality department but I gotta say she knows fashion and has a fabulous eye for styling. I first learned about RZ when she started styling Jessica Simpson during the “Newlyweds”era. She transformed Nicole Richie’s look and stills styles the likes of Demi Moore, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Gardner. This week over at she is doing a segment called 7 Days 7 Looks for the debut of her line.

Shop Our Event
Rachel Zoe - Marie One-Sleeve Caftan Top
Hot one shoulder!

Rachel Zoe - Marianne Faux Fur Vest

Loving this Dress!
Yummy Boots!

Rachel Zoe - Marianne Faux Fur Vest