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Loving me some "Love Me Some Jesus"

I have a new favorite store its called The Old Try.  It is a couple that grew up in the south and now live in Boston. I love these prints so much because I can relate to so many of the descriptions of their work…
Like this one….I have been to New Orleans many of times and have had many a late nights there and their description of “Love Me Some Jesus”  just about sums it up….I ordered this for my house…

I had to say “Yes and No Ma’am”  and “Yes and No Sir”  to my parents all the way up until I got married…I can remember giving my mom attitude and 
hearing my Dad saying all the way from upstairs “Yes Ma’am Laura!” 
 It changed my tone very quickly… 
I did not order this one but should to put in our house to remind us to be respectful of one another…

I ordered this one because my Dad always says remember who you are and where you came from…
He always has good advise….
I love this one because my brother went to Ole Miss and if you ever have the chance to go for a football game you should…They have the most AMAZING tailgates ever. That is tough to say because I bleed Orange and Blue.  Go Gators! 
(Hopefully they will do a Florida print one day because even though we get left off of the “Southern” category sometimes…we are considered DIXIE too!)

Go check out The Old Try’s website and blog!  
You are sure to fall in love!

Bugaboo Missoni

I am NOT shopping for a new stroller…I have 4 and don’t need one more…but if I was…I would be buying this TO DIE FOR Bugaboo designed by Missoni…
A stroller doesn’t get cooler then this!
You can see more fabulous pics here!

New Obsession.

Save up to 70% for moms, babies and kids

I think I need a side tab just for my “New Obsessions!” This one is a website I wanted to share with you call

Zulily an up and coming retail website that has kids clothes, accessories and more for GREAT prices! 
I keep getting Zulily packages at my door…
I am hoping the hubby doesn’t start to notice 😉

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